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K -1 Fiancée of U.S. Citizen

Fiancee Visa US

How do I bring my fiance(e) to the United States?

The Fiancée of a U.S. citizen is eligible for a nonimmigrant visa in order to enter the U.S. and marry their fiancée within 90 days of entry to the U.S.

The processing time for a fiancée visa is approximately 3-4 months for cases prepared and filed by our office.

Please note that the discounted legal fees for the fiancée visa also include the additional paper worked required by the Embassy. We prepare the Embassy forms and even the entire Embassy petition package, which must be submitted at the time of the interview with the U.S. Embassy Officer. This service is usually NOT included by other attorneys and law firms, but it is included in our services to decrease your stress during this process and highly increases your rate of success.

You will find that our Jacksonville immigration law office also has a set up system for handling these types of cases that will ensure that you, the client, know exactly what is going on, the next steps in your case, and the remaining processing times for USCIS. We also usually complete all of our paperwork in less than 2 business days (assuming you have provided us with your information that we requested at the start of retaining our office).

We file our petitions according to the way that is preferred by U.S. immigration officers, thereby ensuring you speedy processing of your case. If there is one document or piece of information missing that the Officer needs, this could delay your case by at least thirty to one hundred and twenty days, or even could result in an automatic denial for not filing a "complete" case. That is why it is essential to hire an attorney that is well-trained and experienced with your specific visa case type.

For further case specific information, please go to our attorney publications section for FAQ's on Fiancé or Fiancée Visa cases, located at Fiancé or Fiancée Visa

How can I check the status of my fiancé(e) immigration case or my own immigration case?

You can check the status of your fiancé(e)'s immigration case or your own immigration case by clicking here.

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